Know the the Baronial Champion Responsibilities, if you wish to put yourself forth as a candidate!

Show us your research on the daily life of a youth in period:
–Make an examples of youth period clothing
–Create an SCA youth game
–Recreate a period youth game
–Demonstrate anything period or SCA related that is youth focused
If it is already on Midrealm’s youth site, it will not count.
Please seek out Deirdre MakKyneth ( with questions, clarification, and to let her know you plan on entering. All entries must be submitted by 11:00 AM at Road to Pompeii.


To the Bards, Troubadours, Minstrels and other Miscreants of Brendoken, your Baronial Bardic Champion, Lord DonalBane of Blakmers sends greetings.

Their Excellencies have decreed my time as champion will come to an end at Road to Pompeii, April 4.

Their Excellencies also have decreed (possibly by reason of temporary insanity…) that our new champion be made under an active volcano! (Whether they wish to throw me into said volcano after I am finished as champion, I cannot say….)

Therefore, my dear Bards, I beg you to appease Vesuvius (and their Excellencies) by creating two of your best works!

1. Round one will be simple: That volcano needs to be shown who’s boss! Show it who the energetic one really is by performing your best high-energy piece. This performance may be story, song, instrumental piece, sonnet, etc. Bring your best work and perform it to save us all!

2. As bardic champion of Brendoken, you should bring praise and honor to the Hunter and Sable. Therefore, please perform your best piece about a citizen of Brendoken, Their Excellencies, or the barony in general. Again, the may be story, song, instrumental piece or otherwise. For those needing inspiration, the baronial song book will be available as well.

Any interested Bards should contact DonalBane via Facebook or and/or Their Excellencies to let them know your interest.


Good afternoon, dear citizens of Brendoken. At Road to Pompeii, I will have the privilege of organizing the Baronial Rapier Championship to help Their Excellencies choose my successor.

The most important part of the Champion’s job, other than defending Their Excellencies, is to promote and encourage rapier combat within the Barony. Therefore, the Championship will test not only the candidates’ prowess, but also their ability to recognize the praiseworthy deeds of other competitors.

The tournament will be a simple Round Robin, fought with each competitor’s choice of weapons in a single pass. Double kills will be refought once, then count as a loss for both.

Before each bout, the competitors will be expected to publicly praise their opponents, to share a story of some noble deeds so that all may know their worth.

Depending on the time available and the number of participants, we might restrict the tournament to only those who are willing and able to serve as Champion, or we might allow others to compete as well.

If you have questions, contact Lorenzo Calabrese (