Best Use of Blue and White in Any Medium

No matter what you build, make or craft, make it blue and white, Gwyntarian main heraldic colors. Then bring it to enter! Documentation useful, but not required. Please be prepared to fill out an entry description sheet for your item. Items entered should have been completed between December 2016 and November 2017.

Best Use of Tye-Dye

A&S Competition in honor of Bridget Coffman.

Populace Prize

Katarina Peregrine, OP, and Tetsuo Akira

Each event attendee will be given three tokens, and encouraged to select their three favorite entries in the A&S competition.

Super-Secret Judging Crew

Sponsor needed
Is it the baron? Is it the baroness? Is it the new family you met last week? As well as the Populace Prize, a select group of 3-5 folks will be reviewing the A&S Competition. Find out who they are...and who their favorite is in court that evening!