A Bardic Kevehane is a Bardic comfort zone – a supportive Bardic environment to encourage everyone who comes by to have fun and play. The first kevehane was started by THLs Julian and Llew as part of the offerings of Gorsedd, the totally laid back Bardic household in N. Oaken (http://no-gorsedd.com/index.html).

There won’t be Turkish coffee, but we will have drinks and treats on hand. The cost for a drink or treat? A performance of some kind – whether it’s a story, a song, a poem, a riddle, a joke, etc. If folks don’t have something prepared, we’ll have lots of books around to pick something from. We’ll even have some instruments available for those who would like to try those out.

Come join us in story, poetry, song and more.

Mistress Zsof