All combat forms are planned. Be a part of them even if you aren’t authorized! Contact the event steward, and sponsor a tourney! Sponsors provide a tournament prize and lend their name to a tournament of their choosing. We’ll be listing tournament scenarios soon! In return, the sponsored tournament will receive promotion on social media, in event flyers/emails and related materials. This is a limited availability offer!



Armored Tournaments

Great Weapon Tournament
Sponsor: Sir Corvus Aurelius Corvenus
Double-elimination with enough combatants; otherwise, this will be a bearpit tournament.

Novice Tournament
For armored combatants who have not yet won an armored tourney. Armored fighters who authorize at the event are eligible, pending the armored marshal’s approval.

Baron’s Tournament
Sponsor: Baron John the Ox
Under development

Rapier Tournaments

Novice Round Robin Tournament
Sponsor: Lord Cadwagan Faber
For rapier combatants who have not yet won a rapier tourney. Rapier fighters who authorize at the event are eligible, pending the rapier marshal’s approval.

Morris Memorial Bearpit Tournament
Sponsors: Lord Akira Tetsuo and Katarina Peregrine, OP
Rapier Bearpit tournament, dedicated to the memory of “Gran,” Marie Morris, who loved to watch rapier combat “because they all look so nice in their clothes.” At 83, she was the oldest recipient of an AOA in the Society.

White Flag Tournament
Sponsor: Mar’itsa Sumnikova
Winner will be established with best use of a white flag/fabric/favor worked into a combat-legal off-hand parry device. Triple elimination tournament. 

The Brendoken Blades are having an advancement bout on the list during the day as well:

Baron John the Ox, sponsored by Mihajlo de Nekche,  will be fighting for the rank of Billet.